Our Volunteers

Would you like to volunteer?

Somewhere to Go has three paid staff members and a team of up to 35 volunteers at any one time, many of whom are in recovery from addiction and have themselves been homeless. We value our volunteers very much and support them in their endeavours to rebuild their lives. They are incredible people who "go the extra mile" to help those less fortunate than themselves.

We are sometimes able to provide training courses for our volunteers, most often food hygiene, first aid and overdose training. We've also funded relevant college courses for our volunteers when we are able, such as mental health training.
A number of ex volunteers are now enjoying full lives as a result of their time working with us. Several have found themselves employment or further education - one ex volunteer in recovery from addiction has just graduated in art, having achieved distinctions for his work along the way. Several ex volunteers have completed college courses in mental health and are now working in the mental health sector.

Somewhere To Go